Fridge Repairs

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Fridge Repairs

The fridge and freezer are some of the most important appliances in your home, holding most of the fresh food and drink that you have. If your fridge or freezer breaks down, you run the risk of losing massive amounts of food which is both costly and extremely frustrating. If your fridge freezer needs repair services, Mastercare can help.

Our team offers a professional Dublin fridge repairs call-out service for customers to ensure that when you notice a fault, it can be fixed as soon as possible by us. We offer repairs on all types of fridges including old and new fridges and fridge freezer setups. Before fixing the issue at hand, we ensure a full-service inspection on your appliance to ensure that everything that needs to be fixed is done in one go. We pride ourselves on our professionality, efficiency, and thoroughness, ensuring that your fridge lasts a long time after our repairs services.

We provide top-quality Dublin fridge repairs to customers with large and small fridge units in all brands. Contact us today to book a call-out

When Should I Look For Fridge Repairs?

If your fridge or fridge freezer unit isn’t performing optimally, it might be time to hire a professional to perform an inspection. Because these appliances hold our food, it’s important that they’re running properly to avoid food spoilage and food poisoning due to freezing or overheating. If your fridge has stopped cooling food properly, is leaking, freezing, or making strange noises, contact our team today.

We offer full inspection and fridge freezer repair services at great prices to have your appliances working optimally again in no time.

Fridge Acting up and not performing properly anymore? Contact the team today for a cost-effective, professional service

Fridge Repairs FAQ

  • Where can I find fridge repairs near me?

    Mastercare provides Dublin fridge repairs to customers in Co. Dublin and the Greater Dublin Area, with a home call-out service and great prices always available.

  • What type of fridges do you repair?

    Here at Mastercare, we can repair most types of fridges and most brands of fridges. We work with old and new fridges, with a variety of spare parts available to ensure that your fridge’s individual repair needs are met.

  • How do I know my fridge needs to be repaired?

    If you notice that your food is going off quicker than usual, or that your fridge is freezing your food or leaking, you probably need to get your fridge repaired. The quicker you identify a problem, the easier it’ll be to repair, saving you money on serious repairs in the long-run.